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Moments of escape depicted through evocative floral art and landscape paintings

Inspired by the beautiful Australian landscape and her wondrous travels, Sarah McDonald’s limited collection of oil paintings online captures a certain time and place, a story left to your imagination. One-off pieces showcasing her signature creative process, the gorgeous landscape and floral art canvases are brought to life using palette knife painting with oil paints. Masterfully combining exaggerated light and colour with textured surfaces, her work allows the viewer to revisit memories of days gone.  


 When you buy Sarah’s oil art, whether it be a landscape painting or one of her floral art pieces, its aesthetic will be cherished for generations to come. The charming rawness is juxtaposed against the modern simplicity of today’s society, a contemporary take on traditional oil paintings. A brilliant blend of earthy tones and strokes of vivid colour, it’s the perfect statement piece for any wall in your home, no matter the décor. 


Tranquil, joyful or thought-provoking, Sarah McDonald’s oil art and palette knife paintings are one of a kind. To make one your own, buy a floral or landscape painting online today. Every oil painting is framed in oak timber and available for free shipping worldwide.  

Julie Le Cornu - April 2020

What an amazing experience!

Since I joined Sarah’s Art School I have felt the confidence to express creativity in a free and affirming way. Sarah’s classes are fun, supportive and always full of practical instruction and skill development. She is always willing to give of herself to every student, guiding and encouraging each individual in order to foster their own style and artistic expression. Sarah is a passionate, spectacular artist who is willing to share her knowledge and skills with her students no matter what!



Adelaide, Australia


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